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Thursday, September 08, 2005

A Story of Four Wives

I'm sure there are quite a few of you out there thinking 'Four wives? Is he nuts?!', as well as 'I thought Jedi's couldn't marry?!'. So, just for you very special people, I shall tell you about the four wives. [hehe...]

See, back at home on Cerea, we've had many many problems. Before I was even born our world was in chaos, with mauraders and bandits and hooligans, throwing our generally peaceful world into a boiling vat of chaos. 'Not cool', as the other students at school say. Anyway, I'll fast forward through the years after my talent with the force was discovered, through my training [under one very talented green Master who talks funny], until the time when I [finally] became a Master. I returned home and defeated those who were causing mayhem in our system, including the ringleader of it all, Bin-Zarda-Gon. He was creepy, let me tell you...sores and snot all over his wrinkled was enough to make you sick. But I prevailed, and ended the menace.

It was during this time that I met my first wife, my bond wife, Shea. She was so...beautiful, and rebellious. Very rebellious. *wink* Because our population had plummetted in years previous, and Cerean's have a low birth rate, I was given special permission to marry. And not only marry, but marry many times, following the usual Cerean tradition of polygamy. I have four sweet, beautiful, intelligent wives. But I was back on Cerea a few weeks ago and there was this one woman... ... ...


What was I talking about again?


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