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Sunday, August 14, 2005


Good evening again friends. Or rather, good early early morning. I hope you've all been well since my last post? Good...I just finished a rather excellent meal, and thought that it was about time to pop in again. I must apologize for my lapse, I'm afraid business took me away for a bit. A bit of trouble on my homeworld, some raiders showing up again. *sigh* I think the problem has been contained for now, I hope so anyway.

But, onto the subject of this particular post: Dinner! It was quite good really. My first wife is the best cook in all the galaxies. And I am not kidding. Tonight she chose to fix chicken, a rather old-time, rustic meat, but one of my favorites. She covered it in a lovely, oily, batter and fried it, then topped it with melted cheese. With the chicken we had corn and a lovely rice dish. Sounds like a lovely meal, does it not? Too bad you missed it. The batter is the best part in my opinion. We call it 'fatter batter'. It has enough oil in it to stop your heart where you sit. Only the most experienced diner can handle it I'm afraid. So perhaps it is better you don't come to dinner after all.

After dinner we settled in to watch a wonderful old vid, it was called 'Remember the Titans'. One of my favorite vids, all about people of different races coming together. It's a beautiful thing. But the hour grows late, and my wives are beckoning me to bed, so I'll bed thee adieu.

May the Force be with you...[and you...and you...and you...and especially you...]
Master Ki-Adi-Mundi


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